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API Documentation / UseDatabaseRefOptions

Interface: UseDatabaseRefOptions

Options when calling useDatabaseList() and useDatabaseObject().


  • _DatabaseRefOptions




Optional once: boolean

Should the data be fetched once rather than subscribing to changes. Still under development

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Optional reset: ResetOption

If true, the data will be reset when the data source is unbound. Pass a function to specify a custom reset value.

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Optional serialize: DatabaseSnapshotSerializer<unknown>

Function to transform snapshots into data. Make sure to reuse the original serializer to add the object id. See

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Optional ssrKey: string

Optional key to handle SSR hydration. Necessary for Queries or when the same source is used in multiple places with different converters.

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Optional target: Ref<unknown>

Use the target ref instead of creating one.

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Optional wait: boolean

If true, wait until the data is loaded before setting the data for the first time. For Firestore, this includes nested refs. This is only useful for lists and collections. Objects and documents do not need this.

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Released under the MIT License.