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Binding Firebase Reference to existing Vue Refs

Sometimes, you might want to reuse an existing ref(). This might be because you want to write the Firebase data to a custom ref coming from a composable or because the ref comes from an existing reactivity source like a Vuex/Pinia store. This can be achieved by passing the ref() to the target option of the composable:

todos // given an existing Ref<Todo[]>
const { pending } = useCollection(todoListRef, { target: todos })

When passing a target ref, the composable will not create a new ref() for you, but will instead use the one you passed. It will also not return the ref() as a result, but instead return an object with some useful properties. You can find more about this in the declarative subscriptions section.


If you are using Pinia, you can directly use the useCollection() function within setup stores:

import { defineStore } from 'pinia'

export const useTodoStore = defineStore('todos', () => {
  const todos = useCollection(todoListRef)

  return { todos }

Note you will still have to follow the Firebase API (e.g. addDoc(), updateDoc(), etc) to update the data and you will also need to wait for the data to be loaded on the server.

Released under the MIT License.